Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Kaohsiung City Government

The Kaohsiung City Government was elevated as a special municipality on July 1,1979. at the same time, to lift the efficiency of administrative affairs and promote the effectiveness of the public service, the original two sections of the research and the control & evaluation in the city government was combined as a unique agencies which named !‥ Research, Development and Evaluation Commission!‥ with two divisions of the research and the control & evaluation. On april 1982, it added a new division --the overall planning division, and merged the joint public service center as one of the divisions on May 1988.

The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission has a Chairperson to hold overall affairs. And the commissioner appoints 11-15 experts or scholars as the members of the commission to consult the related policies of the city. And the meeting of the commission was holding every three months. It could also be hold as need.

At the beginning, the commissioner of the rdec was hold together by the secretary general of the city government. On 1990, the commissioner had become a full-time position. The Chairperson now is Yun-Chiao Hsieh.

Kaohsiung is the biggest commercial harbor and the second biggest city in Taiwan. Besides, the cargo volume she handles kaohsiung harbor ranks fifth in the world. Kaohsiung herself has many opportunities and good conditions to become an international harbor municipal. In order to make Kaohsiung city to be the Taiwan!|s maritime capital, the city government has to take good advantages of the city she, comply with the expectation of the people of the city, adjust the organization flexible, and make innovations into the policies. So the role of rdec should not only to make research, development, control and evaluation, but to integrate different areas of the government and combine the efforts among the people and non-government organizations.

So we will do our best in the following points:

1.Revitalize the dialogues of the city policies between city government and experts among the people in different areas.

2.Set up the city!|s think tank to help the innovation of the city government.

3.Strengthen the policies planning.

4.Improve the flow management of the policies implement.

5.Use the sprits of business to reform the bureaucratic system, and let all kinds of resources using efficiently.

PartIII: Organizational Structure and function:

Research Development Division

--about the policy research, public opinion survey, public service, management of government publications, management of the report for the official business trip and the development of electronic government,etc.

Overall Planning Division

-about the formulation and compilation of the annual policy guidelines, overall operations and annual operational plans, policy analysis and pre-evaluation of the long-term and midterm programs of the agencies of the city government, etc.

Control Evaluation Division

--control over the implementation of the annual operations, important programs and the flow of government documents and other control over the mayor!|s directions,etc.

Engineering Inspection Division

--cprogress on important engineering and quality verification, inspection, control, evaluation and other matters

Joint Services Center

--about the implementation!Bcoordination and control over the public service affairs !Bthe consultant affairs of the city government, etc.


-About the public relationship, administrative affairs, official documents dispatch, general affairs, receive and payment of money, etc