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    Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Kaohsiung City Government

    In a rapidly changing society, the function of modern government is expanding and complicating day by day, and its organizational structure and administrative measures must be adjusted and improved in a timely and appropriate way in order to meet the needs of the public, provide the best services and create the greatest welfare. China's modern administrative system is based on the administrative triple system - planning, implementation, assessment of the three links of each other, recycling, and through their mutual lyse, to achieve the goal of the plan.

    On July 1, 1979, the Republic of China, Kaohsiung City was transformed into a municipality, in order to promote the development of local construction, improve administrative efficiency and strengthen the performance of services for the people, the special reform of the research, management examination two shares to expand the establishment of the "research and development assessment committee" set up research development and control assessment two groups, in order to promote the research and development and control assessment of the government and its respective organs.

    The Republic of China added a comprehensive planning group in April 1982 and was incorporated into the Joint Service Centre in May 1988 ( centre, formerly known as the Kaohsiung Municipal Government Joint Service Centre, was established on 1 March 1980 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Executive Council on measures to strengthen the Steering Group for The People's Service on 15 August 1978).

    The Municipal Information Center was established on March 7, 2005, and the Municipal Government has now completed the book listing commissioned by municipal authorities since the Republic of China for 88 years, and the digital research reports can be obtained through the network by municipal employees and the general public. In the future, we will gradually complete the electronic work of the study reports of municipal organs and the acquisition of online databases for use by colleagues.

    The 33rd meeting of the 7th Regular General Assembly of Kaohsiung City Council of the Republic of China in 2008, "The work of the administrative staff of the Urban Planning Committee was incorporated into the Research Council", which came into effect on January 1, 2009, and the 7th meeting of the post evaluation panel of the organization of the City of China was effective from 1 January 2009. Amendments to the resolution, the Fourth Group of the Council will be responsible for the relevant business of the Urban Planning Committee, and the "City Of Kaohsiung City Planning Committee shall set up the key points", set up the Kaohsiung City Planning Committee task force, continue to handle the relevant business of urban planning, and set up accountants to handle the year-level, accounting and statistical matters in accordance with the law. Personnel management personnel management personnel, in accordance with the law to handle personnel management matters.

    The merger of Kaohsiung County and city on December 25, 2010, by the Kaohsiung Municipal Government Research Council and the Kaohsiung County Government Planning Office, together with functional orientation, was incorporated into the fourth group (urban plan) in 2018 to return to the Tudor Board; Public engineering inspection, the task group engineering progress and quality inspection center officially compiled, municipal data center collection dictionary collection method to continue to collect municipal information, the establishment of a new research and development assessment committee, set up research and development group, integrated planning group, control assessment group, engineering inspection group, joint service center and secretary room, accountant, personnel manager. In the light of the organizational structure of the Central Government, the Information Management Center will be included as an subsidiary organ of the Council.

    So we will do our best in the following points:

    1. Revitalize the dialogues of the city policies between city government and experts among the people in different areas.
    2. Set up the city's think tank to help the innovation of the city government.
    3. Strengthen the policies planning.
    4. Improve the flow management of the policies implement.
    5. Use the sprits of business to reform the bureaucratic system, and let all kinds of resources using efficiently.
    Research Development Division

    --about the policy research, public opinion survey, public service, management of government publications, management of the report for the official business trip and the development of electronic government,etc.

    Overall Planning Division

    -about the formulation and compilation of the annual policy guidelines, overall operations and annual operational plans, policy analysis and pre-evaluation of the long-term and midterm programs of the agencies of the city government, etc.

    Control Evaluation Division

    --control over the implementation of the annual operations, important programs and the flow of government documents and other control over the mayor's directions,etc.

    Engineering Inspection Division

    --cprogress on important engineering and quality verification, inspection, control, evaluation and other matters

    Joint Services Center

    --about the implementation coordination and control over the public service affairs the consultant affairs of the city government, etc.


    -About the public relationship, administrative affairs, official documents dispatch, general affairs, receive and payment of money, etc